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Re: [IPp] Question regarding diabetics being "insurable"

 My husband and I insured our children several years ago with Modern Woodman. I
am so glad we did because Our rep was not sure we could of have gotten our son
covered once he was diagnosed. He did say that he thought the company would take
each application on a person to person basis and that if the diabetes was under
control with no major problems than they may be able to get covered. My other 3
children (all non-D) can increase their coverage but our son may not - it will
be up to the company when he applies for more coverage. Right now he is covered
for a child's rate of $5,000 but at 16 will increase that to $25,000 (the same
as his older siblings). Don't know if this helps or not.
  homeschool mom to Matt (23), Jesse (21), Victoria (18) and Alex (15 - dx'd

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Hello to all,

I was having a discussion with my husband the other day regarding insurance.
We have two older non-d daughters and he was talking about getting them some
life insurance. We then were talking about our 15 yr. old diabetic son
getting insurance. My husband says he doesn't think Kendall can ever be
insured because of the fact that he is type 1. I am not so sure. I was
wondering if I could get some input from you all on this. My husband is an
investment broker and knows a lot regarding laws, etc... He also sells some
life insurance and really thinks type 1 diabetes prohibits our kids from
being insured. Does this mean that our kids can never get life insurance?
How about when they enter into occupations of their own, even if they're
employed by a major company? I would appreciate any comments and insights.

Debbie Crawford
Hull, GA
Mom to Kendall, age 15, pumping since 10 w/ Cozmo and dx'd 11/99
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