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Re: [IPp] Omnipod Questions

Lorraine Sisto
email @ redacted

> We also have the occasional failure.  I was nervous at the beginning  
> about running out of pods and having to pay out of pocket if we went  
> beyond our "allotment".  I have never even come close even  
> considering we did go through pods much more than we do now just due  
> to inexperience and worrying that there was a pod issue and changing  
> it to be safe.  With experience I have found that there are very few  
> pod issues and I am more patient about waiting for high's to come  
> down and they almost always do.  If it's getting close to the 3 day  
> mark and he has highs though I still change it.  And yes, they have  
> always replaced errored pods.  Any that I change because of  
> discretion or occlusion I do not send back and still we have no  
> issues with having enough pods.


> We are having the same dilemma.  We are looking at both the Animas  
> and the
> Omnipod.  My six year old loved the Omnipod and was able to insert it
> himself.  He didn't even flinch.  The needle is in the pod and comes  
> out and
> retracts quickly without him even seeing it.  He wore it around for  
> a couple
> of days and even forgot he was wearing it.
> My concerns are that if you have a bad site, you have to replace the  
> whole
> pod which could get costly.  The rep told us that they do replace  
> them if
> you call, but it sounds like kind of a pain to get replacements.   
> Being that
> it is a first generation product, it makes me nervous about  
> failures.  The
> cannula on the site that my son inserted was bloody when he took it  
> off and
> that is usually an indication of a site failure for us.  It may not  
> have
> been, but it is a concern.
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>> Hi everyone!  I am having a little dilemma.  Animas informed me   
>> yesterday
>> that on May 27, 2008 our warranty will expire.  I KNOW for a FACT   
>> that my
>> son
>> did not start using this Animas pump until the end of July 2004   
>> because I
>> had
>> just given to my daughter.  Anyway, long story short  I am deciding  
>> between
>> Animas again and Omnipod. I am definitely leaning more towards the  
>> Omnipod
>> but
>> my son who will be using it has  some questions.  Now forgive me in  
>> advance
>> because I am just learning  about the Omnipod but would my son  
>> always have
>> to
>> carry the meter that he would be using to do his finger and to  
>> bolus with
>> him?
>> I mean what if he forgot  it somewhere?  Do they give you a back  
>> up?  Is
>> it
>> small enough to put  in his pocket?  What about the needle does it  
>> stay in
>> him
>> or does it  somehow come out and a plastic canula replaces it?  I  
>> have a
>> sample one and it doesn't look like it comes out. Finally, the  
>> insertion,
>> I
>> have
>> always  used an insertion device, does the Omnipod do a fast  
>> insertion?  I
>> would  appreciate any and all help because I need to decide ASAP.
>> Thanks!
>> Lori, Mom to Tylar, age 13 (diagnosed at 2, pumping at 5) and Lexxi  
>> (age
>> 3)
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