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Re: [IPp] Omnipod Questions

We are having the same dilemma.  We are looking at both the Animas and the
Omnipod.  My six year old loved the Omnipod and was able to insert it
himself.  He didn't even flinch.  The needle is in the pod and comes out and
retracts quickly without him even seeing it.  He wore it around for a couple
of days and even forgot he was wearing it.

My concerns are that if you have a bad site, you have to replace the whole
pod which could get costly.  The rep told us that they do replace them if
you call, but it sounds like kind of a pain to get replacements.  Being that
it is a first generation product, it makes me nervous about failures.  The
cannula on the site that my son inserted was bloody when he took it off and
that is usually an indication of a site failure for us.  It may not have
been, but it is a concern.

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> Hi everyone!  I am having a little dilemma.  Animas informed me  yesterday
> that on May 27, 2008 our warranty will expire.  I KNOW for a FACT  that my
> son
> did not start using this Animas pump until the end of July 2004  because I
> had
> just given to my daughter.  Anyway, long story short  I am deciding between
>  Animas again and Omnipod. I am definitely leaning more towards the Omnipod
> but
> my son who will be using it has  some questions.  Now forgive me in advance
> because I am just learning  about the Omnipod but would my son always have
> to
>  carry the meter that he would be using to do his finger and to bolus with
> him?
>  I mean what if he forgot  it somewhere?  Do they give you a back up?  Is
> it
> small enough to put  in his pocket?  What about the needle does it stay in
> him
> or does it  somehow come out and a plastic canula replaces it?  I have a
>  sample one and it doesn't look like it comes out. Finally, the insertion,
> I
> have
> always  used an insertion device, does the Omnipod do a fast insertion?  I
> would  appreciate any and all help because I need to decide ASAP.
> Thanks!
> Lori, Mom to Tylar, age 13 (diagnosed at 2, pumping at 5) and Lexxi (age
>  3)
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