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RE: [IPp] Need advice please

We had the same problem last year.  My son would wake up either extremely
high with ketones or very low. Although we had a "verbal" agreement with the
principal and the nurse and the teacher, we still received threatening
letters that he had too many unexcused absences or tardy and they were going
to turn us over to the Department of Social Services.  I was told by the
principal that those were computer generated letters and to just ignore them
because he knew the circumstances. (Grant would usually only be late for
about 5 minutes during the morning announcements only) However, they had
adopted a policy that anytime a child is running late and during the morning
announcements, the parents would have to park, come inside and sign their
child in.  That would have been fine except I had two other boys at two
other schools that would be late if I took the time to come in.  For the
last two years, we had a change of assistant principals, so we went through
the whole ordeal each time. After one of the assistant principals approached
our car and told me we had to come in to sign Grant in, I immediately told
him to get back in the car and I would bring him back after I took the other
two to school, which made him even later.  I was so furious, I sent an email
to the principal and explained how stressful it is dealing with his diabetes
was not to mention the extra stress they were putting on us to make sure he
got to school on time at 7:30 am. I immediately requested a student
intervention team meeting to discuss this and to put into place a 504 plan.
Before now, we did not have one because all the teachers and staff were very
cooperative and understanding.  We specifically added that any tardies and
absences that were d-related to be excused.  I promptly told them that they
did not want me to send him to school with either hypoglycemia or
hyperglycemia.  It would only make it harder on the staff and other
children.  I mentioned to them the repercussions of Grant having a seizure
in front of his class mates.  I welcomed them to call DSS.  I would love for
DSS to tell me it was more important to get my child to class to listen to
morning announcements than it was for me to deal with a life-threatening
medical condition.  That one would have made headlines!  

Anyway, we decided to not have to worry about that anymore as we chose to
pull him out of public school and home school this year.  Next year we have
decided to use Connections Academy, a virtual charter public school.  It
looks like it will be the best of both worlds, free public education with
the freedom to work around the child's schedule. You might want to check
them out.   ConnectionsAcademy.com

Good Luck.  By the Way, Grant is also in 5th grade going into 6th grade.


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Hello fellow Parents-of-Pumpers!

 Need some advice please. Very close to the end of the school year here in
Getting hassled by my daughter's school on number of absences (8 so far this
school year - anything more than 7 requires a doctor's note). They are
that I send a doctor's note for the 8th absence or else it will be declared
"illegal". The attendance person even told my husband we may have to go
before a

 Three of Katie's absences were cold/fever related but the other five were
diabetes related (frequent low blood sugars, high ketones, fever that
temp basal etc). In my opinion, we have almost 6 years of "on-the-job"
that helps us determine when it is SAFEST to keep Kate at home.

 The school nurse has generally done a good job with Kate from kindergarten
through 5th grade. I asked the nurse verbally to make sure that she included
doctor's note needed for diabetes related complications". She said it
her call" and that school district policy would not allow. I just received
504 and before signing made the request in writing.

 We are going for endo visit Thursday - I'm sure the doctor will give me a
for last week's absence however I'm trying to make a point.

 Should I just drop it - get the doctor's note - finish off the school year
then work with new nurse/administration in middle school to make sure we get
that clause in middle school 504? I doubt very highly they will take us to a
judge. If so, I'm comfortable with our position and willing to pay the

 It all seems pretty petty to me but I want to make sure the next
don't run into this same problem.

Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Thanks for all you do every day!
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