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Re: [IPp] Need advice please

Mom of Jenna pumping for 5 years
We have had this problem but if you have that 504 form in place there should
be no question.
Make sure you 504 form (says) it covers all absences.  Doctors visits and
sick at home.
THe 504 form is very important.  It will cover everything.  Snacks at school
and BG checks.
Add what ever you need to so you child will be covered.
I have not had any problem since I completed the 504 form.

Linda   NC

On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 10:23 PM, Mary Lou Miller (email @ redacted) <
email @ redacted> wrote:

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> Hello fellow Parents-of-Pumpers!
>  Need some advice please. Very close to the end of the school year here in
> PA.
> Getting hassled by my daughter's school on number of absences (8 so far
> this
> school year - anything more than 7 requires a doctor's note). They are
> insisting
> that I send a doctor's note for the 8th absence or else it will be
> declared
> "illegal". The attendance person even told my husband we may have to go
> before a
> judge.
>  Three of Katie's absences were cold/fever related but the other five were
> diabetes related (frequent low blood sugars, high ketones, fever that
> required
> temp basal etc). In my opinion, we have almost 6 years of "on-the-job"
> training
> that helps us determine when it is SAFEST to keep Kate at home.
>  The school nurse has generally done a good job with Kate from
> kindergarten
> through 5th grade. I asked the nurse verbally to make sure that she
> included "no
> doctor's note needed for diabetes related complications". She said it
> "wasn't
> her call" and that school district policy would not allow. I just received
> the
> 504 and before signing made the request in writing.
>  We are going for endo visit Thursday - I'm sure the doctor will give me a
> note
> for last week's absence however I'm trying to make a point.
>  Should I just drop it - get the doctor's note - finish off the school
> year and
> then work with new nurse/administration in middle school to make sure we
> get
> that clause in middle school 504? I doubt very highly they will take us to
> a
> judge. If so, I'm comfortable with our position and willing to pay the
> price.
>  It all seems pretty petty to me but I want to make sure the next
> child/parents
> don't run into this same problem.
> Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated!
> Thanks for all you do every day!
> .
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