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Re: [IPp] Tale of Two Pump Companies

And that is the main reason we are pursuing other options for our new pump.
We have liked the Minimed pump and really have had no issues with the pump
itself.  The customer service though, has been mediocre at best.

On Sun, May 11, 2008 at 1:49 PM, Cynthia HOEHN <email @ redacted> wrote:

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> Tale of 2 pump companies
> This is an FYI for anyone investigating different pumps.
> My 15 year old daughter had a Continuous Glucose Monitor made by Minimed
> inserted by our diabetes educator on Friday afternoon to be worn for 3
> days.
> (This is just investigational we don t get any numbers it is all recorded
> and
> we go back on Monday to find out trends etc.)  We had several alarm
> problems
> on Friday which we contacted Minimed and they tried to troubleshoot.  They
> told us to call their  24 hour help line  over the weekend if we had any
> problems.
> This morning she woke up and the screen on her Deltec Cozmo pump had a big
>  thumb print  black area on the screen so we can t read the screen.  Called
> Deltec, had a nurse call back in less than 10 minutes.  New pump arrives by
> UPS tomorrow. (Has happened before in the 5+ years she has been on Cozmo,
> never had any problems getting in touch with Deltec or getting things
> corrected quickly).
> All through church this morning (Mother s Day) the CGMS has been alarming.
> Came home and started calling Minimed 2+ hours ago.  Still cannot get
> through
> (have tried 3 different numbers, not all of which are toll free).  The
> phone
> rings and rings and eventually I get a message saying  Your party is
> unavailable to take you call.  Please try your call later.  We are sorry
> but
> we are going to disconnect you now.   I have e-mailed the company telling
> them
> we will never consider a Minimed pump if this is their idea of customer
> service.
> Great way to spend Mother s Day listening to alarms and having to do
> shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Cindy Hoehn
> Mom to Sarah--dx 2002 at age 9, Pumping Cozmo since January 2003
> .
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