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Re: [IPp] school/lunch

Brandi, I assume your son will be in this school for a number of years.  My 
daughter was pre-k when diagnosed, not only was she the youngest in their 
school with type 1, she was the youngest in the district on a pump.  That 
meant I spent a great deal of time educating them on this disease.  No two 
diabetic children are the same.  Your carb counts seem fine to me, we have 
recently started bolusing Megan before she eats, she is a realiable eater 
and was experiencing post meal highs, then dropping down quite quickly, she 
was feeling it and we have noticed a difference since we changed. (her 
ped/endo was on board with this change)  I also had her ped/endo in with the 
school on two occassions, once when moving her from MDI to the pump, then 
again this year when I felt they were expecting far to much from her and I 
suspect they felt I was expecting too little, so the doctor was able to come 
in and given an unbiased opinion as to what was reasonable, he had more 
clout then the "over protective mother".  That being said I take every 
opportunity I have to educate them about the swings in blood sugars. The 
school has also stepped up to the task and done in-service training at the 
other schools, they have also arranged a session or two with DE for those 
schools that care for children with Type 1.  We live in a relativvely small 
city, without a ton of discretionary income yet the school has been able to 
accomplish these sessions over the course of the 4 years she has been in 
their school.  I have had a few incidents that you describe as well, it is 
incredibly hurtful because you are his mother doing all that you can to keep 
him healthy while we search for a cure.  Sounds like they are at least 
touching base with you regarding their concerns, perhaps off base but 
hopefully well intended.  I would suggest a follow up with them, offering 
that they should consider a session or two with a DE or even your pump 
representative. Many times they will do these sessions for free or a nominal 
fee and it can be well worth it for your son and any future children coming 
into your school with this disease.

For what it is worth I used to do the sugar free jelly but we use so little 
and the low carb p-nut butter had much higher fat (which effects how the 
insulin is absorbed and can aggrevate the post meal highs) that we just use 
the regular p-nut butter now, might be worth a try if you are also 
struggling with post meal highs.  It is important to remind yourself that 
even when you do all the right things regarding meals and boluses you can 
still see unpredictible swings in the numbers, they are afterall children 
and the blood sugar swings are an unfortunate side effect of this dieases. 
Good luck, Suzanne

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> Hi, my son is six years old and in kindergarten. He has had diabetes for 
> over
> three years.  He is a very active and somewhat impulsive child and has 
> been
> his whole life. I don't think his bahavior and personality would be much
> different if he didn't have diabetes.  Last week his school called me in 
> for a
> conference and basicly started questioning me about his diet and whether 
> that
> might be why his blood sugars are not normal.  I said if they were normal, 
> he
> wouldn't have diabetes.  I explained that he eats the same thing for lunch
> every day (his choice) and they see what he eats because they check to 
> make
> sure he has eaten it all.  He has a PB&J made with sugar free wheat bread, 
> low
> carb peanut butter and sugar free jelly, a low calorie/low carb yogurt and 
> a
> banana.  A total of 53 carbs.  Is this too much?  What do you send in your
> child's lunch?  I explained that his blood sugar could also be affected by
> things like stress and lack of exercise
> (when they take away his recess).  I was so upset during this meeting 
> because
> I felt they had no right to "attack" me and question my judgement as if 
> I'm
> not doing everything in my child's best interest. Anyway, thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Brandi
> Mom to Evan age 6 dx.1/9/05 and Olivia age 4
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