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Re: [IPp] school/lunch


I went out the other day with a friend who is a nurse,
CDE, and type 1 diabetic of 25 years.  Her A1Cs are in
the range of a non-diabetic.  Her numbers were fine
when we left the house and when we got to our
destination an hour or so later her bg was 234.  Highs
happen for lots of reasons, and much of the time are
unpredictable.  The people at school who are
questioning your son's diet do not understand type 1

Dan has always had anywhere from 60 to 120 carbs for
lunch. We don't do sugar-free for anything but
beverages.  We just bolus for the carbs.  I do not
think your son should have recess taken away from him,
as exercise is so important for these kids.

If I were you, I would have the endo or nurse give the
person who was hassling you a call. I think that will
make the school back off.  You also really need to get
a 504 in place for next year.  It is your child's best

Mom of Chris, 25, Carrie, 21, Dan, 17 dx 01 pumping
cosmo 03, aunt and guardian of Mike, 21, wife of JIm
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