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Re: [IPp] The new Paradigm Pump w/ continuous glucose monitoring


I would love to see your comparative graph.  Could you email me a copy? (
email @ redacted)

Octavia, mom to Ailsa

On 5/2/06, Monica Holdridge <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I've not heard about this.  Thank you so much.
> Monica Holdridge
> Jennifer White <email @ redacted> wrote:
> My 11 year old son is currently on the Guardian RT which is the second
> round of Continuous Glucose Monitors for Medtronic. The Sensors are the
> same as the ones they use for the 522. The Transmitter that sticks on
> your body(with tape) and communicates with a monitor is basically the
> same as the transmitter for the 522. (You won't be tethered to 2
> things. You will be tethered to the pump, but the sensor/transmitter is
> not connected to the pump.)
> The big difference from what we are doing now, pumping with a 515 and
> sensing with the Guardian RT, is that Tommy will only have one piece of
> equipment (the 522 pump) to carry with him. There are also some great
> software improvements that were made in a short period of time, like
> directional arrows, and Carelink graphs that show insulin, carbs, finger
> sticks, and sensor information on all on one chart.
> The sensors were very intimidating for the first three tries. (I wore
> one three times also.) Now they are uneventful, equal to that as the
> pump change. Tommy uses numbing cream for his pump inserts and his
> sensor inserts. He does not think that they are painful. They did not
> bother me at all either.
> Right now, the company that my husband works for is self-insured. I
> have had lots of long conversations with them about the approval, and I
> believe that I will see some reimbursement in the near future. The two
> adults in our area that went on the Guardian RT were reimbursed 80/20.
> We have had a very helpful Medtronic Rep. that has been sending our
> human resources information. I have already got a denial from the
> insurance company because of the FDA approval thing, but the human
> resources people say that they have the final say. I am optimistic that
> there will be insurance for kids in a few years.
> Tommy wears his pump always and his sensor sometimes. I believe that
> this is how it will be on the new pump. It is nice to be able to put on
> every once in awhile to catch trends. (I don't mind the uninterrupted
> sleep either.) The reports that we download are very enlightening. I
> never realized how high his breakfast spike was going until I saw for
> myself on the graph of continuous monitor.
> A few weeks ago I compiled a chart from all sorts of different sources
> on the features of the main three continuous glucose monitors. I will
> change the Guardian RT to the 522 in June. I tried to e-mail it to this
> list, but I found out that I need to e-mail you separately. If anyone
> would like to me to e-mail them a chart that compares the Navigator, the
> Guardian RT, and the DexCom just let me know.
> I am so excited about this new technology. And now it is combined with
> a pump! Many people that I have spoke with believe that the Navigator
> will soon combine with a pump and also the DexCom, Cozmo and Animas
> respectively. It is the next step. Changes are happening so fast, I am
> just happy that we jumped in. I don't think you can go wrong with any
> of them. It is a missing piece to this crazy puzzle.
> Jenny
> Tommy, 11, dxd 4/05, Pumping MM 515 10/05, Guardian RT 2/06
> Andy, 13,
> Happily Married to Dan
> Wisconsin
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> [mailto:email @ redacted] On Behalf Of jodie
> necaise
> Sent: Monday, May 01, 2006 8:31 PM
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IPp] The new Paradigm Pump w/ continuous glucose
> monitoring
> It is a large gauge needle and quite painful according to the people
> I've
> talked to who were in the trial. You are tethered to two things, the
> pump and then the continuous glucose monitoring system. Check into the
> new Dexcom system. It uses radio frequency. It beams the BG to a pager
> size hand held unit and costs about $500 as an introductory cost.
> Neither the medtronic or the Dexcom are covered by insurance. The
> sensors for both units cost about $35 each and last about 3 days. My
> husband purchased the Dexcom and uses it. He thinks it is a step in the
> right direction but still has a lot of improvements to be made. He has
> had Type 1 diabetes for 25 years and the pump has changed his life.
> He's
> hopeful about the Dexcom system but doesn't trust it's accuracy enough
> yet to try it on our 6 year old Type 1. I don't think I'd want to put
> my
> son through the ordeal of being hooked up to two devices as the
> Medtronic
> device requires. His little body can tolerate being connected to the
> pump but I would just hate to make him wear another device at this
> point.
> Technology is great but the kids have to have some normalcy and I think
> we'll hold off until improvements are made and these devices become less
> restrictive and bulky.
> Jodie Necaise
> Speech-Language Pathologist
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