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Re: [IPp] The new Paradigm Pump w/ continuous glucose monitoring

It is a large gauge needle and quite painful according to the people I've
talked to who were in the trial.  You are tethered to two things, the
pump and then the continuous glucose monitoring system.  Check into the
new Dexcom system.  It uses radio frequency.  It beams the BG to a pager
size hand held unit and costs about $500 as an introductory cost. 
Neither the medtronic or the Dexcom are covered by insurance.  The
sensors for both units cost about $35 each and last about 3 days.  My
husband purchased the Dexcom and uses it.  He thinks it is a step in the
right direction but still has a lot of improvements to be made.  He has
had Type 1 diabetes for 25 years and the pump has changed his life.  He's
hopeful about the Dexcom system but doesn't trust it's accuracy enough
yet to try it on our 6 year old Type 1.  I don't think I'd want to put my
son through the ordeal of being hooked up to two devices as the Medtronic
device requires.  His little body can tolerate being connected to the
pump but I would just hate to make him wear another device at this point.
Technology is great but the kids have to have some normalcy and I think
we'll hold off until improvements are made and these devices become less
restrictive and bulky.

Jodie Necaise

Speech-Language Pathologist
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