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[IPp] RE: [IP] The new Paradigm Pump w/ continuous glucose monitoring

> I apologize if this has always been discussed on 
> this forum, but I was wondering what the thoughts 
> were regardiing the newly FDA approved Paradigm Pump 
> (522 or 722) w/ continuous glucose monitoring.  

Hi Sandra, No I am still on the 515.  However, we had a company rep show us
one and answer questions at our last pump club meeting.  Here is my
understanding in reference to your questions:

Is it approved for under 18 years of age?  Not Yet.  Or more correctly, the
Pump is, but the Continuous Monitoring is not.

Is insurance covering this?    NO. They are working on this, but practically
they have to wait for additional studies to be completed.  The cost is
$1,000 for a starter kit and 10 Monitoring sites.  You must be at the x22
level to use it.  Upgrade paths are available for all paradigm models.  Free
for x15, more for the x12.  Nation wide availability will be in June.

Is the continuous monitoring attachment hard to insert?  No harder than a
standard infusion set. It consist of two pieces, the set that is inserted,
and the RF unit.  Sets last 3 days, RF units last 9 Months.

Looks neat, but it will be a little pricy for most people until it is
covered by insurance.  Since it tracks trends and speed of BG movement, it
will move the BG paradigm from pure numbers to direction and speed of
Glucose movement.  MM is running studies comparing control under this
technology vs. traditional BG monitoring.  

A Side note.  The recent study someone posted to the list comparing MM's
CGMS with the Navigator.  The CGMS was MM's 1st generation code, The Real
Time Unit was the 2nd generation and the x22 is the third generation.
Testing against lab standards are showing that the x22 is still not as good
as traditional meters, but achieves mean distributions within a few
percentage points.  You still have to calibrate the x22 a couple of times a
day with an external meter.

Type II Pumping 12/03 MM515
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