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Re: [IPp] Quicksets crimping

My daughter also went into dka 6 days after starting the pump last 
October.  We CANNOT
use her tummy with the quicksets - crimping happened enough times not to 
chance it any more.
We use upper buttocks and hip area and alternate one side to the other 
every 3 days.  We even
tried the silhouettes (long and intimidating) in her tummy - and one of 
those crimped too.
Tummy area must be too musclely.  Back side has worked great for us.
Good luck.
Cathy in Kansas, Mom to Rachel 11, dx diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02, 
pumping 10/02

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>><< Last night
>>my daughter went into dka  she wears the quickset from minimed and it keeps 
>>crimping in her twice yesterday she had this happen large Keytones. It is 
>>often than I thought it would be any Ideas >>
>Hi there, 
>       My daughter, now age 9, has been pumping using Quick-sets for a little 
>over 2 years.  She cannot wear them in her tummy, as the muscles push out the 
>cannula and it lies sideways on TOP of the skin, but under the tape.  The 
 > first time this happened was about 14 days into pumping. So we switched to
>using her upper butt area as sites.  No problems with the Q-sets in this 
>       We did try tummy again after almost a year had passed.  Sleeping was 
>okay, but within a couple of hours of getting up and just sitting around the 
 > house, the cannula had popped out. Course we only discovered this when bgs
>almost off the meter.  I would try another spot.  If they continually pop out 
>you may have to switch to Sils/Tenders.  Good luck.
>Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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