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[IPp] Opera, Type 1 diabetes show

I was thinking, Why not send it to Montel Williams show?  This is what I 
wrote him for show ideas. He didn't have a limit on how much you can write. LOL

When someone says diabetes most think only adults get it, but the truth is 
 that there are many kids living with diabetes. Please do a show on children
diabetes, and all that parents must go through to keep our little ones alive 
and healthy. Type I diabetes Is a life threatening disease that forces parents 
to juggle our children life and death every day. One mistake and our kids 
 lives are in danger. We don't sleep much because of our constant fears that our
kids will be paralyzed or even worse die through the night of The so-called 
dead-in-bed syndrome caused by an untreated severe low blood sugar or from DKA 
caused by untreated high blood sugar while we sleep. I am writing this letter 
tonight at 3 am because I still don't feel comfortable going to sleep. Blood 
 sugars are running to low tonight. Type 1 diabetes is caused by the bodies
system killing insulin producing cells in the pancreas. Therefore, kids and 
adults with type 1 diabetes do not produce insulin, and must test blood sugars 
often, 6 to 12 times a day, and get insulin shots or they die. My baby was 
 diagnosed at 19 month, and was on 6 to 7 Insulin shots a day. Now he is almost
years old, and wears a pump that delivers his insulin via an infusion set I 
insert in his butt under his diaper. The infusion set is similar to an IV. I 
 must change this infusion set every 2 days sometimes sooner. No child should
to go through this pain, and no mother should have her heart ripped out every 
day as she sees her baby run and hide from her in utter fear. No mother 
 should have to see her baby look at her with eyes that wonder why is mommy
me. My son Justin is still to little to under stand that mommy must hurt him 
to keep him alive and healthy. As I write this I can't stop my tears. I have 
come to realize that my fight against diabetes is just begging. When my son 
enters school I must put his life in the hands of others who don't realize the 
seriousness of type 1 diabetes. Not many people know about type 1, and most 
 assume it is like type 2. IT IS NOT! Type 1 diabetes cannot be controlled with
 pill or with diet, it will never go away, and kids never out go it. Please help
us stop the ignorance we must deal with every day. So our kids can live better 
lives until there is a cure.

Gina, Mom of Justin, almost 3, pumping with Cozmo.
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