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[IPp] Quicksets crimping

> << Last night
> my daughter went into dka  she wears the quickset from minimed and it keeps 
> crimping in her twice yesterday she had this happen large Keytones. It is 
> more 
> often than I thought it would be any Ideas >>

Hi there, 
       My daughter, now age 9, has been pumping using Quick-sets for a little 
over 2 years.  She cannot wear them in her tummy, as the muscles push out the 
cannula and it lies sideways on TOP of the skin, but under the tape.  The 
 first time this happened was about 14 days into pumping. So we switched to only
using her upper butt area as sites.  No problems with the Q-sets in this 
       We did try tummy again after almost a year had passed.  Sleeping was 
okay, but within a couple of hours of getting up and just sitting around the 
 house, the cannula had popped out. Course we only discovered this when bgs were
almost off the meter.  I would try another spot.  If they continually pop out 
you may have to switch to Sils/Tenders.  Good luck.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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