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Re: [IPp] Two Cozmo Problems

My 5 year old son uses a cozmo ( two months) and he has also stopped
delivery twice now.  I thought it was strange how you could stop delivery
without typing in the code.  I thought well since you have to push the
button twice on opposite sides of the pump it won't happen, but it did,
twice.  He wears his pump in a pouch under his shirt and I haven't seen him
push on the buttons or even try to take it out, but somehow this problem
happened.  The pump will beep after a certain amount of time after delivery
is stopped and he is good to come and tell me his pump is beeping.  Smaller
children would probably never even hear or recognize the beeping though.

Mom to Conner, dxd 4/02 pumping 4/03

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> To parents of small children on Cozmo:
> So far we've discovered two problems w/Cozmo.  Sorry Mitch.
>  The 1st is the "brother" to the dreaded Paradigm E21 error - the "System
> Failure" error. You have to stop using the pump & go to shots 'til a
> pump comes. (Not an issue to us because Joshua is pumping saline.)
>  The 2nd concerns the "code lock-out" feature. Guess what? If a little one
> presses just the right buttons, which Joshua did (twice), the pump will
> delivery even WITH the lock-out enabled. The CDE called Deltec and pointed
> this "little" problem.
>  There are ways to compensate of course. We lock the pump in the pump pack
> little fingers can't push buttons, put the pump where he can't reach it
> between his shoulder blades), and spend time talking to him about the
> of not pushing buttons.
>  At this point he is getting used to wearing it. I assume over time it
will just
> become part of his life like wearing shoes, etc. Just a "warning" to
> Shelley
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> Mom to Joshua 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. & Jessie 21
> western Massachusetts
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