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[IPp] Re: Glucowatch appeal

Hi Charlotte!

I appreciate your input - I like to hear all sides. I'm sorry to
hear that you got less than stellar performance from your
GlucoWatch. That must have been very disappointing for all of
you. I hope our experience is a little better! Do you guys have
the software to download it (I couldn't tell from your email but
it didn't sound like it)? I ordered it because the device is
pretty useless without it (for trending purposes, anyway - hard
to see the "big picture" without it being laid out on a graph. I
personally can't see trends by flipping through the numbers on a
screen - I have to have that full visual.)
>From my understanding of how it works, the numbers will never
match the bg meter exactly because they measure glucose
differently. Regular meters measure glucose in blood and give a
real time reading, whereas devices like the GlucoWatch, CGMS, and
Spectrx measure glucose in the interstitial fluid. There is a 10
minute lag time between interstitial glucose and blood glucose
readings so the numbers will (typically) be different if taken at
the same time. So, because of that and the fact that like the
CGMS, the GlucoWatch averages the readings over a period of
minutes, displaying an averaged number vs a real time number (and
technology isn't at the point yet where interstitial-reading
devices like the CGMS, GW, etc can give real time readings), the
numbers most likely won't ever exactly match up (although you
might get lucky sometimes and see an exact correlation). We are
told not to compare readings between two bg meters because there
will be some variance (up to 30% is allowed by the FDA)...the
same holds true for other glucose monitoring devices. The glucose
vs interstitial, and glucose vs glucose devices really shouldn't
be compared. The important thing is the trends, not the
individual numbers, and those should be similar even if the
numbers are not exactly the same.
Despite the problems I've heard about it, I can't wait to try it
on my daughter. I feel it is something we have to at least give a
try. We've been trying to get her A1c down for a couple of years
and it won't budge, not even with pumping. Hopefully this will
help us see where the problems are so we can fix them.

Take care, Kerri, mom to Shannon-12.5, dx 11/96, pumping 11/99,
and 7 other blessings :)
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