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[IPp] GlucoWatch appeal update

Some of you have emailed me to ask how things were going with our
GlucoWatch appeal (which we've been involved in since July
'02!!!) We recently heard back from the latest round and they
have once again denied us (we were expecting that though.) We can
only go to the next and last level of appeals, which will be
in-person before a review board, if we buy the GlucoWatch (this
is because the next level has to have a $$$ amount in dispute and
if we haven't bought it we can't say we are disputing
anything...something like that, anyway.) I bought it today (will
get it Friday) but we don't know if we'll pursue this next level
or not. I don't think they'll ever cover it no matter what info
we give them or how good our arguments are. We still have some
time to figure out what we want to do though. I'll let you all
know if we continue the appeal or not. We will be using the watch
4-8 times per month.

Take care, Kerri, mom to Shannon-12.5, dx 11/96, pumping 11/99,
and 7 other blessings :)
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