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Re: [IPp] pump question for the experts

Hi Stacey

I am not an expert and few of us here are  considered that but we are
experts at going through the highs and lows of kids and blood sugars.

It sounds fairly good what you did all night. When I see Patricia climbing
high after a meal, we end up doing a fasting and see what her sugars do
without eating to make sure the basals are right for that period of time.
She has 4 different basal settings and they can change for different

Her boluses are much lower than your son. You need to discuss this with the
doctors or diabetic nurse. I would suspect his needs are what they were
before he started pumping from the sounds of it. Do you have the 3rd edition
of Pumping Insulin as that will help you determine alot with all the charts
they have to explain and teach us with. All the best in all you do.

Jana in raining Nova Scotia
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