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[IPp] pump question for the experts

Last night Jesse ate dinner at 7:30 (BG# was 81)  ....
and didnt eat again til 11 this morning. My Cde is
away for the weekend , so before I change things I
figured I'd ask the experts.... 
9:30pm - 166
11:00pm- 186
12:30 midnight -133
11:30 am-148
He had breakfast at 11:30. I bolused him at 1 to
12:30 -281
2:00- 323 gave 1 H correction. 
He seems to be high cosistently 2-3 hrs after
breakfast and lunch. sooooo since he was level from
midnight til 11:30, I guess that the bolus ratio is
off ... At dinner(BG was 114) tonight he bolused 1:30
and 2.5 hrs later he was 295 . How much do I change
the bolus??? For breakfast do I try 1:20?? On MDI he
was 1:15 at breakfast and 1:25 all other times...I
guess I'm not sure since I'm still learning the pump,
But we love it !!!!

Stacey  , mom to  Jesse, 11 dx'd 12/01,
pumping with George(formerly a Deltec Cozmo pump)
Belle Harbor, New York


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