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[IPn] How to Support IP without your Money

I know that everyone on the list is just waiting for their tax refund 
to send to Michael (yeah, sure). But there are other ways to help out 
the website. I'm sure that many parents of pumpers can retell the 
story of how this website has made life for their child "whole" 
again. Maybe there are even some adults who have been "saved" due to 
the support they've found here at IP. I've personally nominated 
Michael Robinton to be one of "Oprah's Angels", and I want everyone 
else who feels this way to do the same.  I really wish I could have 
done this without his knowledge, but he catches me each time! Let's 
send our thanks to Michael any way we can, even if it is only to 
write a letter to Oprah telling how Michael's work has made a 
difference in our lives! Let's "bless" this Angel of a man and 
recognize him!


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