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[IPp] list of stuff for pump start

Shelley wrote:
Joshua's pump start is Tuesday & I'm worried that I've forgotten 
something. I
now have:

pump (duh)
Novolog (he's switching from Humalog)
silserter (to arrive tomorrow, I hope)
IV Prep
Pump pack
NovoPen Jr.
Pen cartridges/Novolog
pen needles

What am I forgetting?

Hi Shelley -

Don't worry, you have everything you need!  (Except, I don't see saline 
on you list!  But you can get that at the doctor's.)

However, you may also want to consider these (less important) add-ons:

(1) remover solvent to go with your IV Prep, maybe?  I'm not familiar 
with IV Prep - is it sticky enough that you need a solvent to help get 
it off later?  Our distributor sent us Skin-Prep wipes to put the site 
on, and Uni-Solve to take it off.  Usually, however, we don't actually 
need the Uni-Solve.  If Josh plans to be swimming, you may want the 
stronger adhesive Mastisol (for which you need to have the remover 
solvent Detachol).

(2) an extra pump pack or two (for when the first one gets wet or dirty)

(3) Vitamin E oil (capsules are okay) - after we remove a site, we 
smear some vitamin E oil over the puncture in the hope that this will 
help it heal faster.

(4) Tegaderm is a clear, breathable, waterproof adhesive cover that you 
can put over the infusion site if you want.  We use it when we have the 
infusion site in Sigrid's diaper.  For a three-year old, you probably 
don't need this.  It doesn't quite work to keep the site dry, since the 
tubing has to come out under one edge, and that part tends to not seal 
well.  Further, we find that if we do try to take the tegaderm off, it 
usually tries pull the site with it.  So probably once Sigrid is out of 
diapers, we'll stop using it.

(5) We find that it helps to keep all the infusion site and pump 
supplies in a box together, and when we're ready for a site change, we 
clear a space on the dining room table and put a clean cloth down; this 
becomes the "lab bench".

(6) A records book that you like, that will fit in the space where you 
will be carrying it.

(7) Ditto for a carb-counting guide (this needn't be more than a few 
sheets of paper, e.g. from the back of the Pumping Insulin book if 
you're using carb factors.  By portion size, a convenient guide is the 
"Carbohydrate Addicts Gram Counter".)

(8) We often actually carry a food scale around with us, since at home 
we count carbs by weighing the food and multiplying by carb factors.   
On the fly, we can guess by portion sizes, but we're not as practiced 
doing it that way.

(9) Alcohol wipes (or alcohol plus cotton pads) for cleaning off  the 
top of the insulin bottle before filling the cartridge (unless your 
cartridges are prefilled).  But you probably already have these.

Finally, we no longer use the EMLA, Sigrid was learning to anticipate 
the upcoming "event" and would be very unhappy.  Now, she pretty much 
doesn't care when we do the insertion.  Also, we don't carry "back-up" 
insulin with us.  We're never farther than 30 min. from home on any 
average day.  If we needed to change the site, give insulin, etc., we'd 
go home.  In a minor "emergency" there is always a drug store nearby 
(not that we've needed it, yet).

Good luck!

David, Maria, & Sigrid
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