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Re: [IPp] Testing At Night &/Or Dead In Bed Articles


This is a very tender subject to me.  My brother was Dx. at age 14, and
at age 29, was found dead in bed.  Due to his age there was really
nothing we could have done to prevent it.  However, if he had been living
at home, my mom would have been testing at night and could have prevented
this tradegy.  Your Ex might not thing it is necessary and sometimes
maybe it isn't, but explain to him the quilt he will have if your/his son
was to die in is sleep, something that could be prevented.  My son was Dx
at 17 mths, and only knows his uncle from pictures.  My parents grieve
everyday.  And of course, we do BS every night.  Hope you get through to


Mom to Austin Dx 17mths, Age 5, pumping 1yr animas.

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> > Can anyone provide me with some articles that say that testing at
night is >ESSENTIAL &/or about dead in bed?? They need to be from doctors
or from some >reputable news sites... my ex won't listen to me about
testing Cole at night so >maybe I can forward him some info to educate
the idiot about it. > >Thanks, > > > Rachel - My Pics:
www.picturetrail.com/jrachelnPlease, Help Find A Cure For My >Son:
www.jdrf.org or www.cwdfoundation.org > > > >
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