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Re: [IPp] Oprah: Type 1 Diabetes

Hi this is what I wrote.

Please do a show on children with diabetes, and all that parents must go
through to keep our little ones alive and healthy. Type I diabetes Is a life
threatening disease that forces us to juggle our child life and death every
day. 1
mistake and our kids lives are in danger. We don't sleep much because of our
constant fear that our kids will be paralyzed or even worse die through the
night of a sever low blood sugar. It is caused by the bodies immune system
killing insulin producing cells in the pancreas. There for, kids and adults
type 1 diabetes do not produce insulin, and must test blood sugars often, 6 to
times a day, and get insulin shots or they die. My baby was diagnosed at 19
month, and was on 6 to 7 shots a day. Now he wears an insulin pump. No child
should have to go through this pain, and no mother should have to get her
ripped out as she sees her baby run and hide from her, while watching there
face as they wonder why mommy is hurting them. As I write this I can't stop my
tears. Not many people know about type 1 diabetes, and most assume it is like
type 2. IT IS NOT!  Please help us stop the ignorance we must deal with every

Gina, Mom of Justin, soon to be 3, Dx'x 19 months, pumping with Cozmo and
love it!
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