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Re: [IPp] Lows after exercise

 Andrea: When Rachel (age 4) does heavy exercise, meaning 1 hour or more of
constant running or swimming, we adjust the basal down for 24 hours to 95%. That
works for us. YMMV.

Andrea Brennan <email @ redacted> wrote:
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My 5 year old son just started playing T-Ball. On the nights he plays I run a
temp rate oof 90% of his basal for 12 hours. Last night he played at 6:00 so I
started the temp rate right before his game and it ran until 6:00 am this
morning. I checked him at 2:30 am he was 167 and at breakfast he was 147. At
 lunch time he was 67. I was wondering should I run the temp rate for 18 hours
could this be a sign his morning basal or his breadfast meal bolus needs to be
adjusted. He's been on the pump for 6 weeks and this is my first time for
adjusting for exercise. Any help or past experiences would be appreciated.

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   pumping COZMO 2/08/03, using diluted Novolog
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