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[IPp] Lack Of Vitamin D Causes D??

 Last night I was reading in June 2003's Reader's Digest and on page 141 there
is an article titled "The Healing Vitamin". I was just skimming through it & I
came to page 144 where it said "Diabetes". I thought it was going to talk about
type 2 but it talked about type 1!! It says taking vitamin D actually reduces
the risk of type 1 D... Here's a snipet:
 "It's not clear how (vitamin) D does the job. But Holick and other's point out
that type 1 D is an autoimmune disease. In research, (vitamin) D can suppress
certain immune cells, so the vitamin may help by preventing destruction of the
cells that produce insulin".
 Does this make sense to any of you??? Has there been further research done on
this?? I guess now we need to feed our newborns lots of vitamin D to prevent
this from happening to any other kids... LOL!

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