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[IPp] Re:New to Pumping

Hi Debbie,
     Yes, for some kids there can still be some highs and lows which you 
can't figure out.  Other kids can have great stability.  My daughter can be 
unstable, it is frustrating, but other times she can go for weeks with things 
going smoothly.  I think stress affects her, along with growth hormones etc.  
Our nights have always been the hardest to achieve stability.  
     I would think that you should try the shorter cannula length on the 
     My daughter has had more stability since switching to Novorapid/Novolog 
from Humalog.  We have had about one year of pumping with each of these.  We 
change the Quick-set every 3 or 4 days.  
     Good luck, it will become easier as you go along, be patient. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9

> My biggest concern now is I am still seeing some high readings, high 200's
> and low 300's that I wonder where they came from.  I still am questioning
> our infusion set.  We are two days into this set and today he had two
> sustained highs in about 4 hours time.  We are using Quick Set 9mm and I am
> wondering if he needs the shorter 6 mm or what?  He is slim, 
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