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[IPp] Re:Recommendations for a pump

> <<We chose the Disetronic for Amelia
> because it has two pumps, never thinking that two pumps meant "future
> problems".  I had no idea how durable her pump would be as pumping was so
> new to us. Little did I know that it would hold up to being dropped the
> first day on a hard tile floor! >>

LOL that is exactly what happened to us as well!  Claire and Amelia are 
almost the same age (she turned 9 in April), pumping the same length of time. 
 I think it was the first or second day that the H-Tron pump fell on our 
newly tiled kitchen floor.  I was still not used to having that hard floor 
under me and it made me nervous.  At that time we only had one H-tron, as we 
had 3 months to use it before paying and could return for a full refund if we 
didn't like it.  We received the second pump when we actually paid.  Anyhow, 
the tile floor didn't hurt it one bit.  
     Perhaps many on the list haven't seen an H-tron in person.  It is so 
beautiful and you can easily tell that it is practically indestructible.  I 
was quite shocked seeing the flimsy MM508 after handling the H-tron.  I 
haven't seen a Paradigm in person, so don't know if they improved upon the 
508 or not.  The Animas pump is also very sturdy looking.  This may not be 
important for adults, but for kids.....   I loved the story about the child 
riding down the street on his bike, with the pump dragging behind.  Can't 
remember which pump it was.  
     The most important thing to remember is that any pump is better than 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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