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Re: [IPp] New to Pumping

 We are new too, and use the quickset. We use the Animas pump and our numbers
are not very good either. Our endo is slowly increasing the basal rate. At first
we thought we had site problems but we found that the Novalog just does not work
that well for us. The minute we switched to Humalog we got better results. We
use the 6mm and our 4yo likes his thighs best. Good results from the upper
buttocks as well. When we used the 9mm, even where he had fat, the cannula was
bent when we removed it. We are still finding our way and think that right now
the basals just need adjusted, not the sites.
Hope this helps. 

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Hello everyone,

My son, Kendall, 10 years old (dx'd 11/99) has been pumping for about 2
weeks now. We are using the Deltec Cozmo and really do enjoy alot of the
features of this pump . I have alot of questions that I feel could better
be answered by you parents who go through the day to day of pumping insulin.
My biggest concern now is I am still seeing some high readings, high 200's
and low 300's that I wonder where they came from. I still am questioning
our infusion set. We are two days into this set and today he had two
sustained highs in about 4 hours time. We are using Quick Set 9mm and I am
wondering if he needs the shorter 6 mm or what? He is slim, but does have
some sub Q fat on his waist area and buttocks. We tried the Silhouette but
I, honestly, could not handle the needle. Maybe later on, when we get more
comfortable with all of this. I would love some opinions and experiences on
what has worked for you. Are there still roller coasters even after basals
and insulin to carb ratios and been set and re-adjusted? Thanks so much,
this list is a great help!!

Debbie Crawford
northeast georgia
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Charles, father of phillip 5, pumping since 4/16/03, DX 11/01

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