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[IPp] Recommendations for a pump

I do not want to start a pump war but I must say that it's funny how
people view things so differently.  We chose the Disetronic for Amelia
because it has two pumps, never thinking that two pumps meant "future
problems".  I had no idea how durable her pump would be as pumping was so
new to us. Little did I know that it would hold up to being dropped the
first day on a hard tile floor!  I have to say that we have never had a
pump malfunction, in fact, the only problem we have ever had was one bad
pack of batteries, which they immediately replaced, no questions asked. 
Having two colors is nice, as it offers Amelia a change.  It is wonderful
to take the 2nd pump along on vacations as a back-up.  Amelia would hate
going back to MDI after pumping for about 2 1/2 years.  The extra pump
ensures that she won't have to do that and I believe Disetronic goes the
extra mile to ensure that she won't have to go back to injections.  I
have h! eard of many people on this list going through pump after pump,
waiting for the next one to arrive, ect.  We have peace of mind in
knowing that we have an extra.  I hope that Disetronic has a pump with
all the new "bells and whistles" of the Cozmo when it is time for us to
upgrade because we have been very pleased with the Disetronic and the
qualtity thereof!  Just my opinion!

Cheri McCurdy, Mom to Amelia, 91/2, D 1/00, P 12/00 and Amanda, 15 1/2!
Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 19:58:22 EDT

From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IPp] Recommendations for a pump

About Disetronic offering a second pump as a back up....my worry with
that is
why would a company need to send two pumps out to each person???  It's
they are saying there will be problems with their pumps...
If a company has a great product, they don't need to worry about back
And I know that most of you will say that the pumps are computers, or
machines and there are no guarantees that they won't malfunction, but for
company to say from the get go that they give two pumps for the reason of
future problems, it makes me question that company and their product! .
Just my opinion.
Sarah - Mom to Matthew, age 6 pumping Minimed and very happy with our
And to Victoria, age 8, non-d



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