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[IPp] Disetronic-2 pumps

We bought the H Tron Plus from Disetronic for our son 3.5 yrs ago when he
was 4.5 yrs. old. Sadly, my memory is not great but if I remember
correctly, it is a European based company (Swiss?) and the medical
policies there required them to send 2 pumps to each person...even in the
states. : ) They have since changed the policy for newer pumps that come
to the states but I believe you still get 2 if you order the H Tron.
Anyway, we've always had great customer service and LOVE the pumps! I'd
be happy to answer any questions about the pump itself or having a young
child on the pump.

We are, however, in the process of ordering the Cozmo due to the fabulous
programming capabilities that I feel will enable my son to take on more
responsibility for his diabetes care. He was dx @ 14 months so I've been
the one to take care of most every aspect of his care and am
ready....maybe : ) .....to allow him to start making some decisions on
his own since I'm not able to be with him every minute and I want him to
make good and safe choices....but, oh, it will be hard to let go of the
control!!!! : )

Hope this helps!

Cari Ecklund from Tacoma WA
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