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re: [IPp] Recommendations for a pump

snip<<<< I am new to this group, and relatively new to diabetes.  ...I'm
looking for thoughts on advantages/disadvantages of the different pumps for a 6
year old.  ...Also, are the features really great, or do they just get in the
way? >>>>

Congrats about thinking about a pump.  My son was diagnosed at age 4, and has
been pumping for over 2 years now, starting during Kindergarten just after
turning 6.  What a difference pumping has made in letting him live more like
his non-D siblings - and in letting us all manage his diabetes better.  I'm
going to say that any pump is better than no pump.

Our experience is entirely with MiniMed 508 pump.  Luke uses Novalog,
Silhouette sets w/ the inserter, and the long tubing.  Disconnecting for water
activities has not been a problem for us - I know that's a concern for many but
it just hasn't been an issue.  We've (knock on wood) had very few errors on the
pump, and have only called MiniMed service a couple of times, none related to
the pump itself.  Never had an issue with them at all, especially in comparison
to the numerous mail-order pharmacies that our insurance plans like to keep
switching.  Selecting infusion sites & getting them to last was a bigger issue
for us, and we got tremendous support from Insulin-Pumpers and our pedi endo
and pump trainer for that.  

Wish you all the best in pump selection & start up!
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 8, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 

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