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Re: [IPp] Recommendations for a pump

We have the H tron pump from Disetronic and love it. We have had it over 2
years now and never a problem. Yes we do have two and have used both but one
is colored while one is gray so she likes to change and use their hot skins
to make them attractive and fun too. We have never upgraded due to not
having good enough insurance to cover it and we cannot afford it on our own.

We love having the second pump right at hand in case of problems. I work
with many who have all different pumps. I love 2 other types of pumps for
their bells and whistles. But as far as I am concerned, pumps are almost all
the same except for some of the things like small amounts being used in some
but we don't need that so it's not an issue.

I will never knock any pump as I know alot of folks using all of them so far
except 1 and we all say the same thing. We love pumping ( or our kids love
pumping) and we thank heavens we had the chance to get them hooked up and
pumping. My kid lives with diabetes and celiac disease and has alot of
digestive problems. But with pumping, she can now actually have a better
control and healthier lifestyle.
Pump away  with joy because we will never go back.

Jana in Nova Scotia Canada

I am Treasurer for Insulin Pumpers Canada and
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