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Re: [IPp] Recommendations for a pump

About Disetronic offering a second pump as a back up....my worry with that is 
why would a company need to send two pumps out to each person???  It's like 
they are saying there will be problems with their pumps...
If a company has a great product, they don't need to worry about back ups.  
And I know that most of you will say that the pumps are computers, or 
machines and there are no guarantees that they won't malfunction, but for a 
company to say from the get go that they give two pumps for the reason of 
future problems, it makes me question that company and their product.
Just my opinion.
Sarah - Mom to Matthew, age 6 pumping Minimed and very happy with our pump! 
And to Victoria, age 8, non-d
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