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[IPp] Cozmo Pumping

Seems like several people in the last POP digest were asking questions about
the Deltec Pump so I thought I would share our experience.  My daughter is
10 1/2 years old.  She was dx 3/02 and we started pumping with the Cozmo at
the end of Jan 2003.  This is our first pump experience, so we can't compare
to other pumps, but we love the Cozmo.

The customer service has been excellent.  We have had a couple of minor
glitches with the pump but Deltec has handled everything quickly and easily.

I do like the fact that you can just input the number of carbs you are
eating and the pump calculates the amount of insulin to use.  You can always
adjust this number based on fat content, activity, BS etc, but it is very
easy for a 10 year old to work.  Also it allows us to fine tune her carb
ratios.  We use a different ratio for breakfast than we do at lunch and
supper.  I also like the reminder to test BS 2 hours after a meal.  It is
really helpful for a busy 10 year old who could easily forget a BS check
during class or while playing with friends.

The one part of pumping that was a surprise for us is that being on an
insulin pump requires more diligence in testing BS than when we were on MDI.
Don't believe the pump promotional videos that say "being on a pump lets me
forget I have diabetes."  We test BS before breakfast, mid morning, before
lunch, 2 hours after lunch, before after school snack, before dinner, before
bed, and then usually before we go to bed.  That is on a good day.  If she
is high at 11 pm, we either wait up another hour or set an alarm overnight,
because if she stays at 300 or more all night, she will wake up with ketones
and feeling awful.  She is at that wonderful age of puberty and what works
great one day may not work at all the next day.  The Pumping Insulin book is
great for understanding about pumping, but it makes it everything sound so
routine.  With Sarah there does not seem to be any routine. The wonderful
part of pumping is that when she is high, we can just do a quick bolus and
that usually corrects her fine.

If anyone has specific questions about the Deltec please e-mail me and I'll
answer them as best I can

Cindy Hoehn
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