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Re: [IPp] Recommendations for a pump

My son Conner, 5 years, just started on his Cozmo pump one month ago.  I
chose this pump because of many reasons.  First of all, you can change basal
rates by .05 and with his size and weight this is very important.  I believe
you can also change basals by .05 on the Animas pump too.  I also really
liked some of the features of the Cozmo.  I also like being able to type in
his bg and carb intake and it figure out how much insulin he needs based on
the ratios you set.  You don't have to figure it out.  It also takes into
account insulin on board and automatically decreases the amount for you.  I
haven't bought the additional software yet but you can buy it and
personalize different basal patterns by giving them names and put in your
name and info case of an emergency.  You can program in 4 different basal
patterns and change each basal rate every half hour for 24 hours in each
basal pattern.  I believe you can have 4 different temporary rates also and
they can run for up to 72 hours.  It has a touch basal which you can simply
touch a button to give you a bolus and bypass programming it in.  I have
that feature turned off because my son is only 5.  I'm still learning things
about it every day and the more I learn the more I love.  Like I said I
don't know much about the other pumps but I would definitely recommend this

Mother to Conner dxd 4/02 pumping 4/03

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> I am new to this group, and relatively new to diabetes.  My youngest son
> diagnosed with diabetes last August.  We are working on getting him on a
> pump
> once school gets out in June.  I'm looking for thoughts on
> advantages/disadvantages of the different pumps for a 6 year old.  He has
> TDD of about 13 units and is currently on MDI with Lantus and Humalog.  I
> have
> literature from Animas, Deltec, Disetronic, and Medtronic, but thought
> personal reactions would be better.  Deltec, especially, is so new that
> be
> very interested in knowing about their service.  Also, are the features
> really
> great, or do they just get in the way?
> Thanks for any responses.
> Nancy Sharma
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