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[IPp] Jesse's pumping insulin -what a day !!!!!

On  the way to the drs. jesse felt low - I'm driving at 65 mph on the
and he tells me he's 32... Reach into my bag, give him a juice box,   and a
few squeezes of cake gel. We arrive at the drs. at 10. He set the basals
etc... on his Cozmo.The Dr. purposely set his basals real low, like 8 units
for the 24 hr. period.....  By 11, his bs is 101 and he's  pumping
insulin....  Lunchtime -12:30 , Bs. is 98, he eats lunch boluses.... so much
fun .... no more shots . At 3:15 the fun started..... His Bs was 74, so the
cde says "let him have a 20 gm snack... He eats a rice krispie treat.. At
3:30 , he tells me he feels low.... check.... 56.... give 15 gms juice....
check @ 3:50- he's 59- give another 15 gms of juice and jesse's complaining
of a headache...  I suspended his pump..... check at 4;15 - he's 74
....ugh.... everyone else in our group is going home...   jesse has more
juice . At 5:00 , he's 96...... some coke and a donut .. Finally at 5:30 ,
he's  128 !!!!!!!   Reconnected his pump after lowering his basals A LOT.
he's taking 4.5 H for his basals....... at least until all the NPH is gone
from his body....   he's 163 at 5:30 and we get the okay to go home....  Its
gonna be a long night !!!!

Mom to Allison (17) , Daniel (15),
and Jesse ,11,  DX Dec 2001. PUMPING  4/29/03 !!!!
Happily Married to Scott for 23  1/2 years !!!!!
Belle Harbor, New York
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