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[IPp] suggestions for toddler pump start


Jake's pump finally arrived and we (his parents, that is) are very 
excited about it! My husband and I plan to start using the pump this 
week (with saline), and Jake will get started next week. Jake is 2 
1/2. While we are waiting to start, we have been talking about the 
pump with Jake, and letting him push buttons and hold the pump. At 
this point he is mildly curious about the pump, but when I suggest he 
try it on (we have two different pouches for him), he refuses, and is 
not at all interested in wearing it. He is pretty clear that he 
doesn't want to use the pump, even when I tell him that it means no 
more shots.

Do any of you have suggestions for me? I am a bit worried that, among 
all of the other pump start worries,  he is going to complain (have 
tantrums) about wearing the thing in the first place!

Thanks for any ideas!


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