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[IPp] re: To stay connected at beach (was Pump Question from a new pumpmom !!! )

snip<<< For us, that is true, but ...keep in mind that is he young and so he
didn't go more than two hrs before wanting a snack, so he was getting insulin
about every two hrs...running and playing tends to make him hungry..I think
that is true for all of us at the beach, we all like to snack constantly. >>>

We just handled Luke's soccer tournament & subsequent pool party the same way -
off the pump except to bolus for food or corrections because otherwise he goes
low, and keep him between 80-180 (per Pumping Insulin chapter on Exercise
Carbs), and he does great.  It's hard for Luke to go a long time w/out food
when he's exercising hard, and they need the carbs so I wouldn't let a kid go
long at the beach without some food.  My non-D kids snack constantly too at the
beach or when swimming a lot.

Reconnecting takes so little time, it's not a problem for us.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 8, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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