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Re: [IPp] Diabetes Expos--where/when are they?

In a message dated 05/03/2003 7:03:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Eileen and Sarah--I just read your posts about the Diabetes Expo and it 
> sounds interesting.   Where do you find a schedule of times and locations?  
> I 
> seem to remember discussion previously, but didn't make a note of it.  
> Thanks.
> Sherry, mom to Liz, age 14, dx3/01, pumping MM508-5/02, in Virginia

The Diabetes Expos are put on by American Diabetes Association.  Either call 
your local ADA or go to their web site, diabetes.org and click on Expos.  
Hope that helps.

Eileen Clarke
Mom of Peter 20
Kayla & Kelsey 9, Dx'd @ 14 months pumping since 11/99
wife to Bill, type 2
Middlebury, CT
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