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Re: [IPp] Question for Cozmo Pumpers ? HELP!!!

Hi Mike

      Justin is very insulin sensitive, and the 0.1 basal on the paradigm was 
causing lows. We tried several basal rates even alternating between 0.1 and 
0.0, and still have not been able to get it right. Justin has been pumping 
since October 02. I was able to get the Cozmo so soon for Justin because my 
Endo wrote a letter of medical necessity requesting a pump with a 0.05 basal. 
I chose the Cozmo. Best of all, because my husband insurance company changed 
the 1st of the year, and they were not the company that paid for the 
Paradigm, I was able to keep the Paradigm. I will use it as a back up. What I 
found out is, if your current insurance company is not the company that paid 
for your current pump, you may be able to get a new pump. They were very 
willing to send me a new Mini Med pump for Justin no question asked, but  
Justin needed a basal rate that Mini Med pumps could not deliver. The only 
reason the letter of medical necessity was needed was because my insurance 
company only covered Mini Med pumps, and I was asking for in network benefits 
for the Cozmo. 

Hope this helps.
Gina, Mom of Justin, 2 years old, pumping    

Mike Wrote:
Since the Paradigm hasn't been out a year, how did you manage to get a Cosmo
to replace it?
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. He will start pumping with Cozmo on the 8th. He is currently pumping with
the Mini Med Paradigm
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