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[IPp] old habits...

Lauren started pumping yesterday and it's going well.  The night numbers
were good and the CDE and I know how we want to approach the highs and
lows we have seen during different times of the day.

I was so happy to serve lunch to the kids at 1:00 yesterday instead of at
12:00.  Lauren wasn't hungry at 12:00, and she didn't have to eat!  This
afternoon, she went to a neighbor's house and had chocolate cookies.  I
don't think she's had chocolate cookies in over a year without extensive

After I gave her a bolus at the neighbor's house, I thought that I should
get home because I need to start cooking dinner at 4:00 to make sure that
it's on the table by 5:00, or else she won't eat bedtime snack at 7:30. 
Then I remembered, oh yeah, we don't have to eat at 5:00!  We can wait
until 6:00 and eat dinner with my husband (which also hasn't happened
much in the past year and a half).  Pumping is great!  I laughed at
myself for slipping into old habits.  After all the cookies, the kids
wouldn't be hungry for dinner at 5:00 anyway.

Thanks again to everyone on this list who supported us as we went through
different endos and CDEs to get Lauren pumping.  It was a long road, but
we got there!

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