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Re: [IPp] Treats at School

> Hi everyone...
> A quick question....my son will be having a special treat in school
> tomorrow. A friend of his will be bringing in cupcakes and
> watermelon.  How many carbs would you say is in the average size
> cupcake w/frosting?  And an average slice of watermelon? I am
> thinking about 30grams for the cupcake, but have no clue about the
> watermelon.

Careful with the cupcake, particularly if it has frosting made with 
butter or shortening. The oil binds the sugar and some of may not be 
digested. We've found the cakes made with high-fat frostings 
invariably cause lows even though we know the precise carb counts 
'cause we made 'm at home. Gnache works much better for carb counting 
as it has only about 20% of the carbs of buttercream frosting. He can 
always do a post prandial check and bolus down. Better than a mean 

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