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[IPp] Insurance on pump

Is pump insurance carried as a rider policy on a regular homeowner's
insurance policy?  Is there some special kind of coverage that I should
for when I talk to our insuarnce company?  Can I get pump insurance
from the pump company?   In your experience, is insuring the pump
cost-justifiable?  Does the IP website have a section about loss
on pumps (I couldn't locate this info, if it's there)?

Also, we are assuming this is only to cover us if the pump is lost or
-- is this correct?  (We are assuming for broken pumps that were not
;) we are covered under warranty from the pump company).

Thanks for your input!

-- Allison
mom to Jeremy, 8, pump start on 6/7  :)


Our insurance agent is a pumper himself, and he suggested to us a 'rider'
on our homeowners policy that will cover the pump if lost or stolen. I
feel this is definitely worth the extra $20 dollars per year that it

Lisa Harris, mom of Andrew, 3yrs, pumping 9mos, and mom of Jamie 9, and
Mary 4.......and happily married to David!

email @ redacted


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