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[IPp] insurance on pump

I think there were posts on this thread in the last couple of months.   We 
would appreciate input on this (again) since now we actually own one.

Is pump insurance carried as a rider policy on a regular homeowner's 
insurance policy?  Is there some special kind of coverage that I should ask 
for when I talk to our insuarnce company?  Can I get pump insurance directly 
from the pump company?   In your experience, is insuring the pump 
cost-justifiable?  Does the IP website have a section about loss insurance 
on pumps (I couldn't locate this info, if it's there)?

Also, we are assuming this is only to cover us if the pump is lost or stolen 
-- is this correct?  (We are assuming for broken pumps that were not abused 
;) we are covered under warranty from the pump company).

Thanks for your input!

-- Allison
mom to Jeremy, 8, pump start on 6/7  :)

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