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Re: [IPp] Cutting back on basals


My son, now 8, started pumping December 27th.  Learning how to handle all
the different situations can be very worrying, but it will get better.  We
still have a lot to learn, but it has gotten so much easier.

My son also has low basal rates.  I use temporary basal rates rather than
programming a reduction in the basal rate.  I'm not sure how the paradigm
works, but with the Animas we can reduce the basals by a percentage.  For
our son, I generally reduce his basals by 40% when he is active and 20% for
4 hours afterwards.  The only way to find out what works for your child is
trial and error.  If I were you and my son was going to disconnect for field
day, I would test every hour.  We target to 120.  If Scott started out at
about that and an hour later was 85, I would give him something because that
is a significant drop.  If he were 105 or 135 I would let him go and check
again in another hour.  If he's high, I would reconnect and bolus a
correction.  If he's only a little higher, say 200, I would bolus the missed
basal.  So if his basal for that time period is .2, I would give him .2.  If
he were really high, I know that counter-regulatory hormones have kicked in
and I would bolus a correction to 250.  In the past, when he was very high
after exercising and we corrected to his target of 120 he would plummet.  In
these cases, 250 works well for him.  Of course, YMMV and probably will.

I hope this made sense.  Good luck on field day!

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> I have a question about cutting back on the basal rate....
> My five yr old son has been pumping for about a month now and he has an
> upcoming Field Day at school.  I have been told by the school nurse and
> ed teacher that there will be a lot of running that day and a lot of
> activity. I am so nervous.  I have heard you mention to others that you
> back on your basal rates by 0.2.....how does that work with a child who is
> 0.1 to 0.2 thru out a day?  I imagine that I will need to suspend his pump
> for Field Day, and check his blood sugars every hour.  Now, if his blood
> sugar checks out fine...then what?  Do I bolus him for the missed basal
> being suspended?  Or do I leave it alone and do nothing?  I know what to
> if his blood sugars are high, I would just give him a correction...and if
> is low I would give him a snack and not bolus for it.
> How do you guys deal with days at the beach or a park...or days where your
> kids are really playing hard?  My son tends to drop low whenever he is
> playing hard and running around a lot.  I have been finding myself
> his pump a lot lately...at least two times a day to treat lows and give
him a
> juice box or glucose tabs.  I tried today to give him less insulin at meal
> time, going from 1/20 to 1/25 units per grams of carbs.  I just don't know
> I will panic when we go away for vacation and forget what to do when I
> disconnect him for a day at the beach.  And how I will handle things for
> Field Day.  So many things are going thru my mind everyday...it is like I
> cannot think of anything else, but his damn pump and what to do, when to
> it, etc.  I mean, I admit that life is easier on the pump, with lows and
> highs...but I just wish that I felt confident as to what to do to treat
> and when and how to make changes to basal rates, without having to
> call his endo.
> Yikes!!!!
> Sarah
> Pump-mommy to Matthew (5) dx 3/99, pumping-Paradigm since 5/1/02
> and to Victoria (7), non-D
> West Hartford, Conn.
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