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Re: [IPp] Calling any boy scouts who pump?

My daughter (obviously) isn't a Boy Scout, but when she went to camp last 
year (a month after her pump start), here's what worked for us . . .

> 1) should Devin use the temporary basal rate to lower his basal during the 
> day

We used temp basals during the day when she did any sustained strenuous 
activity (hiking, swimming, etc.) --  with the amount of the reduction % 
varying depending on the level and duration of activity.  Swimming usually 
was 50-100% reduction because the water was REALLY cold . . . most other 
stuff was -20-30%
>  2) should I set up a different basal program for him at camp?

We set up two "camp" basal profiles ahead of time:  one that was about 10% 
less than her usual and one that was about 20% less than her usual.  She 
started with the 10% and ended up staying with that, combined with temp 
basals for exercise, and things went well for her.  We also changed the 
target that she corrected any highs to . . . increasing that to 150 instead 
of the usual 100 (just to be on the conservative side).
>  3)  I don't think there will be anyone to check him at night - I don't want
>  him to go high and wet the sleeping bag ( all the bedding wetting as 
>  since pumping!!!), but I don't want him to go low either.  Suggestions?

What about sending a travel alarm clock with him (one that he doesn't have to 
remember to wind and one that you can pre-set to go off at a certain time 
each night before he leaves home) . . . then he can either put it by his head 
at night or (better yet) one or more responsible adults can use and then go 
and wake him at the appropriate time to check . . .

Glad to hear his pump start is going well!  I hope he has a great time at 

Pumpmama to Katie
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