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[IPp] Cutting back on basals

I have a question about cutting back on the basal rate....

My five yr old son has been pumping for about a month now and he has an 
upcoming Field Day at school.  I have been told by the school nurse and phys. 
ed teacher that there will be a lot of running that day and a lot of physical 
activity. I am so nervous.  I have heard you mention to others that you cut 
back on your basal rates by 0.2.....how does that work with a child who is on 
0.1 to 0.2 thru out a day?  I imagine that I will need to suspend his pump 
for Field Day, and check his blood sugars every hour.  Now, if his blood 
sugar checks out fine...then what?  Do I bolus him for the missed basal while 
being suspended?  Or do I leave it alone and do nothing?  I know what to do 
if his blood sugars are high, I would just give him a correction...and if he 
is low I would give him a snack and not bolus for it. 
How do you guys deal with days at the beach or a park...or days where your 
kids are really playing hard?  My son tends to drop low whenever he is 
playing hard and running around a lot.  I have been finding myself suspending 
his pump a lot lately...at least two times a day to treat lows and give him a 
juice box or glucose tabs.  I tried today to give him less insulin at meal 
time, going from 1/20 to 1/25 units per grams of carbs.  I just don't know if 
I will panic when we go away for vacation and forget what to do when I 
disconnect him for a day at the beach.  And how I will handle things for his 
Field Day.  So many things are going thru my mind everyday...it is like I 
cannot think of anything else, but his damn pump and what to do, when to do 
it, etc.  I mean, I admit that life is easier on the pump, with lows and 
highs...but I just wish that I felt confident as to what to do to treat both, 
and when and how to make changes to basal rates, without having to constantly 
call his endo.
Pump-mommy to Matthew (5) dx 3/99, pumping-Paradigm since 5/1/02
and to Victoria (7), non-D
West Hartford, Conn.
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