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[IPp] Calling any boy scouts who pump?

We've only been pumping since Monday, but already Devin's BG's are so much
better.  Last night I checked twice and he was 125 & 131.  Hey!!  His daytime
Bg's are looking pretty good too.  With the help of his Animas palm pilot,
Devin is calculating his own boluses and bolusing himself.  I signed him up
for boy scout camp in a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, I can't go.  One of
the adults going is an EMT, though.  Plus, they have a nurse there.  My
questions are this:

1) should Devin use the temporary basal rate to lower his basal during the day

2) should I set up a different basal program for him at camp?

3)  I don't think there will be anyone to check him at night - I don't want
him to go high and wet the sleeping bag ( all the bedding wetting as stopped
since pumping!!!), but I don't want him to go low either.  Suggestions?

Devin will be working on his lifesaving merit badge (disconnecting) and doing
alot of walking around camp.  He seems OK with going on his own, but I'm
nervous about it.

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