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[IPp] To everyone at IP

Hello Everyone

I am writing to everyone to bring up a few points and ask a favor.

First of all many of you know me.  But for those that don't I am Brian.  I 
have been with the IP list since 1998 and have been with the Administrators 
since 1999.

I want to apologize to those that this does not effect but I have hit my 
last nerve so everyone gets to read it.

Before I go into my little Rant I want to let everyone know basically what 
the Administrators do here.  The IP site has support lists focusing in 6 
countries and has over 10 individual email lists which are overseen  (not 
moderated since we do not review every email sent to the lists) by a small 
handful of volunteers.  I would like to say again we are VOLUNTEERS, we do 
not get paid or compensated in any way for helping out on the list.  Most 
of us have Families, full time jobs, and other commitments we must do 
outside of the IP group.  For all the lists and thousands of members there 
are only about 16 or so administrators, 11 of which work solely on the US 
IP lists ( IP, YIP, POP, Med-Pro, and Spirit lists ).  Basically how it 
works behind the "curtain" is that all the Administrators watch out for 
warning signs on the list that trouble may be coming.  Trouble on the IP 
list can be many things including the beginning of Pump Wars, Flames 
against other members, keeping out Spammers, virus watch, and one thing 
that has been happening more and more those famous Hoaxes.  All the 
administrators also help enforce our netiquette rules for the IP list which 
can seen here:  http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/netiquette.shtml  I suggest 
everyone look them over.

On top of the duties listed above 2 people have more duties every 
week.  One person gets the job of manually going over, editing out personal 
information, and approving new members and their profiles.  This is not an 
automated process and can take several minutes to take care of for every 
person wanting to join the IP list.  This person also gets an outrageous 
amount of SPAM and Viruses which is intercepted by our "closed" list 
policies.  When someone tries to email the IP list from a unregistered 
email address or  if someone has other "warning" signs in their headers the 
messages are bounced to the administrator on duty.  Some of these messages 
are from members of other email support groups on the net that hit the 
"reply all" button and the message gets bounced to us since they are not 
members of the IP list.  It takes time to track down these people and 
confirm that they are not members of the IP list just using the wrong email 
address.  So if you get a message asking to only send a email to one list 
at a time, please be kind and help us out.

The second person is responsible for all the emails sent to the Help 
address.  They subscribe and un subscribe those members that want to change 
their email options or that want to leave the IP list for a number of 
reasons.  This job can be VERY time consuming and they can continue to 
receive responses to their requests/questions for several days/weeks after 
they have gone off duty.  This person also monitors the lists to hopefully 
catch those "unsubscribe me" messages that are sent to the list instead of 
the correct address.  Far warning to all these requests are usually put on 
low priority and taken care of last, after all the other requests that are 
sent to the correct email address.  Also this all is done MANUALLY by a 
real person so if you request is not taken care of in the instant that you 
hit send  just keep in mind that they may be at work, asleep, or doing 
something fun with the family.  It is crazy the amount of "fan" mail (aka 
hate mail) we get from people that think we are at the computer 24/7.  And 
trust me some people have a "way" with words.

If you are a part of any other email groups on the net you have probably 
noticed that this list is kinder and not as hostile as some other lists can 
be.  This is do to the commitment of the Administrators of this list.  I 
would like to thank all of them for allowing me to help them with the IP 
list they are a GREAT  bunch of people.

There are several other groups I would like to Point out that help this 
list function.  One group is our group of Chat hosts they work hard at 
keeping the chat rooms open and friendly for everyone at any hour of the 
day or night  my hat goes off to all of them.  I would also like to thank 
Rodney for going above and beyond on the chats.

The other group is those that help with editing the IP site and the 
suppling other info and pages.

But the one person I would like everyone  and I repeat EVERYONE to send a 
note of thanx to is the Owner of the IP list (Michael Robinton) Which has 
given a tremendous amount of his own time and money to supply Everyone a 
place to come and talk about diabetes.  Without Michael we would not have 
the IP list and site to come to.  So I personally ask that you help him in 
return for him helping you.

Thank you all for listing to my Rant I think I have calmed down some.

for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
help SUPPORT Insulin Pumpers http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml