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[IPp] JDRF Survey

As many of you know, I am very active on a number of JDRF national committees.
One of these committees is charged  with expanding and redesigning the JDRF
web site in order to allow it to provide additional functionality and support
to families coping with Type 1 Diabetes.

I have been asked by Ardy Johnson, a member of the International Board of
Governors of JDRF, to solicit your input to the following few questions.  If
you could address your responses to Ardy personally, at
email @ redacted it would be appreciated.



>From Ardy:


The IT Committee has been discussing how www.jdrf.org can be improved as well
as provide a "tool" that could extend greater service to the existing JDRF
community, as well as those newly diagnosed.

I am co-chairing a task force along with Rich Furlanetto, JDRF Scientific
Director and Terry Robbins, Director IT.  While we have considered several
different options we have decided we would like to gather input from as many
different sources as possible.

Should you choose to participate we are asking a 3 part question:

1)       Upon diagnosis what were the first 3-5 questions you were seeking (or
would have) answers to in a web-based search?

2)       12-18 months following diagnosis what would bring you back to the
JDRF web site?

3)       5+ years what "service" can be provided in a web based application?

Please let us know what your personal connection to diabetes is and respond to
email @ redacted

Please feel free to share any other thoughts you might have and let me know if
you would like to see the results of this survey.

Thank you so much,

Ardy Johnson
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